NOTE: The following Changelog is unofficial.

Changelog: Edit

Release 6/1/2015 |Game Version: Unknown Edit

Initial Release: Edit

  • Procedurally Generated Worlds
  • Terraforming and Building tools
  • Discoveries and Unlocks
  • Rideable Creatures and Vehicles
  • Day/Night Cycle

Black Screen Fix 6/2/2015 |Game Version: Unknown Edit

(Note: To install this update, a clean installation of the game is required. For further information consider: )

Changes: Edit

  • Fixed an issue for some Players to only have a black screen on startup

Fix 6/4/2015 |Game Version: Unknown Edit

Changes: Edit

  • Additional Fix for launching the game with locale set to Japan
  • Fix for launching the game with Oculus HMD connected
  • Fix for launching with corrupted/badly edited pcconfig.txt file
  • Fix for the black screen issues / Window minimizing issues being encountered

Content Update 1 Edit

(Released July 8, 2015)|Game Version: Build ID 687475

Major Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where certain PC account types could not launch the game.
  • Crash fixes for 32bit OS.
  • Fixed a rare crash instance when pressing the windows key.
  • Fix for “Save slot” selection issue encountered by certain users.
  • Fix for game hangs caused by terrain editing tools.
  • Fixed a crash in the terrain copying tool.
  • Resolved an issue with DX11 performance.
  • Resolved an issue where Alt*Tabbing out of the game caused the camera controls to break.
  • Resolved an issue where calling up the Steam Overlay would break camera controls.
  • Resolved graphical issues caused by resolution changes.
  • Fix to prevent and deal with corrupt world data that was manifesting as “black towers”.

New Features

  • Windowed mode (resizable).
  • Cave Systems.
  • Custom settings supported, and “Landscape Settings” added for more control and choices for performance vs quality on your system.
  • A Delete World button on the front end.
  • A crosshair in the editing tools to show the camera pivot point in editing tools.
  • Holding either ‘-‘ key turns off the GUI to help with screenshots. Known issue - causes a flicker on the front end when typing!
  • Tooltips added to all bricks, colours and materials in the editing tools.
  • Gameplay camera zoom on mouse wheel or pad triggers.
  • Dynamic “cut-away” in Brick Building to allow both close work and editing in caves and interiors if zoomed out.
  • An inverted corner piece added to Brick Building.

New Content

Minor Fixes

  • Camera no longer collides with props – only landscape will ‘correct’ the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where users could get stuck opening chests as certain character types.
  • Resolved certain cases where the GUI roller would stay rolled out when moving.
  • Fixed the vertical alignment of certain font characters.
  • New biome discoveries are now called out by name.
  • Mole Machine vehicles no longer behave erratically on water.
  • Fixed various instances of text fields not locking out keyboard commands correctly.
  • Fixed certain control information text not displaying in the info box.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the certain flying creatures would behave unusually if certain button sequences were pressed.
  • Fixed a problem with one of the camel idle animations.
  • Fixed a problem with GUI icons caused by sudden removal of controllers.
  • Fixed a camera issue caused by skydiving in certain contexts.
  • Tweaks to terrain editing tools to make them work better in certain contexts.
  • Studs & hearts are now permanently displayed during gameplay, in a better position.
  • Tooltips are now appear more responsively as you pass the pointer over icons.
  • Improved scrolling in GUI grids.

Content Update 2 Edit

(Released August 24, 2015)|Game Version: Build ID 746620

Underwater – Explore and build underwater. If you find yourself running out of air, try the sub or one of those characters that can breathe (or doesn’t need to breathe) underwater…

Building Challenge Models! The selected models of the free build challenge will now be in the game as a part of the games base content! A full review of the challenge can be seen here:

Discoveries – For the first time, players will have to do a little more work to discover some of the characters and creatures. This is the first step to what we believe will be a more rewarding Discovery system. But what if you already have everything? Well, you’ll still see the same things but there’s also a new option to reset your save game – without affecting your worlds or brick builds, naturally – so you can start discovering again from scratch. We would highly suggest people give this a try (make a backup of your save data if you want the ability to revert!)

Map – Never get lost again, unless like us you can’t actually read a map... Anyway, you can’t miss it – it’s got some great features like adding and removing waypoints ( also appear as beams in the world) and different zoom levels. You can tune it up or turn it off too, and just have the beams – let us know how you use it.

The Camera Item – Snap happy users can take screenshots using the in-game Camera item to capture their favourite builds, creatures or rocks! Warning: taking a picture of a LEGO Jacket Potato doesn’t suddenly make it interesting!

Virtual Floor – We’ve added a new sub-feature to Brick Building and Tools. This option is an easy way to build in the air, or add detail to a specific layer, or to keep some of your hard work protected while you go crazy creatively. We also slipped in a ‘free’ related feature on the mouse that allows you to place individual bricks in free space at the cross-hair cursor, rather like when using a controller, without altering the way it works normally.

LXFML Export update – We’ve updated the LXFML export tool to now include props! Any props you place will now be stored within the model data, meaning you’re able to pack up your house and place exactly as it is anywhere you like! We wouldn’t recommend putting your perfect house too close to the Junkyard though, it’ll halve the value!

Tracking Camera – We’ve added a new Camera Mode. This is a more rigid setup that requires the player to control rotation and distance a lot more, as opposed to the regular Chase Camera.

GUI – The grids in the various menus have had a little bit of a summer clean and are now neater on screen and easier to see. This is in advance of a more significant set of improvements, coming soon to an awesome LEGO game near you.

Info Box – You can now hold the BACK button (on a wired XBOX360 controller) to turn it on and off, instead of having to navigate the pointer. As with the GUI grids, this is a small convenience in advance of bigger improvements.

Abilities – There are quite a few cool / awesome / funny little things going into this update. We might tease some of them, but for now you’ll have to wait.

Content – Well, we said above there’s less emphasis on new content, but you can still expect a few new discoveries, plus the winning competition builds. And don’t forget ongoing new animations and audio! We’ve also updated the interactions and functionality of a few items. Hopefully you can SEE the improvement…

Added Language support – we have now included support for the following languages: Italian, Japanese, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Mexican Spanish

On top of all of the above we also have the following patch notes for Bug fixing:

  • Various crash fixes (including the most commonly reported)
  • Resolved an issue where placing lava was causing FPS drops
  • Resolved a physics issue that was causing certain creatures to be launched into the sky
  • Resolved an issue where certain post-process lighting effects would stop working over time
  • Corrected text in certain control scheme information boxes
  • Resolved an issue that was causing steam screenshot feature to take 2 screenshots instead of just 1
  • Resolved a graphical issue caused by returning to the front end with certain characters active
  • Fixed certain creatures missing skydive animations
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the base of characters feet to appear to be filled when in certain contexts
  • Resolved an issue with flying vehicles clipping into terrain when attempting to land
  • Undo/Redo functionality within the paint tool should now be working correctly
  • Stopped an exploit that allowed players to break the maximum place able water container size
  • Werewolf’s ground slam now has audio attributed
  • Resolved an issue where props would reappear after being deleted and reloading the world
  • Resolved various issues related to the physics of small parts
  • Changes made to the maximum allowable number of spawned vehicles, as well as how the game handles this limit
  • The tree of the creator house now correctly has parts when broken
  • Resolved an issue where creatures spawning in caves would ping to the surface
  • Stopped the Werewolf’s superjump ability from being activated when interacting with props
  • Various GUI interaction improvements (Changes largely deal with accuracy of detection)
  • Fixed an issue where characters would get stuck in a specific facial expression
  • All creatures should now spawn parts when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue that allowed planes to spawn in caves
  • Various missing audio files added (Specific character contexts where missing their associated audio)
  • Elephant should no longer flicker
  • Resolved an issue causing certain bricks to be rendered invisible
  • Resolved an issue where resetting to skydive whilst in the werewolf’s superjump context would cause the player to lose control of the active character.

New Content

Announced Features: Edit

These Features are Announced to be integrated into the game by release in early 2016.

  • Like/Dislike system for tailoring World Generation
  • LEGO ID integration to allow for sharing and uploading of in-game builds
  • Additional Biomes
  • Painting Themes
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Pre-Generated Towns/Villages/Settlements relevant to the Biome
  • Updated AI Behaviors to provide organic feeling to free-roaming creatures and characters

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