Biome(s) Autumn, Jungle, Spring, Summer, Winter
Cost 1,250
Unlocks with
Attitude Skittish
Special Ability

Cavewoman is a playable character in LEGO Worlds, and is presumably based on the minifig design from


From Brickipedia

The cave woman has a single sided head with a more or less confused expression. Her torso is yellow with printing of a ripped cloth full of stitches. It also depicts a necklace with a rock or crystal on it as well as dark yellow printing that depicts a cut down body shape used on most female minifigures and a belly button. She has reddish-orange hair that is rubber material. She also has a bone to go on her hair...

The Cavewoman, like her male counterpart, the Caveman, is a common Character, appearing in many Biomes, frequently found high up in trees. Although the Cavewoman is skittish and runs from the player, he will attack Skeletons and other aggressive mobs on sight. Unlike the Caveman, the Cavewoman will defend herself from the player if attacked.

The Cavewoman has several interesting idle animations, including taking the bone from her hair and smashing it into the ground, or sitting down and inspecting the bone before putting it back in her hair. When simply standing around, the Cavewoman is hunched over, almost dragging her knuckles on the ground.



“You keep on painting, dear. I’ll take care of that pesky saber-tooth.”

While the Caveman is trying to build new inventions, the Cave Woman is the one who actually gets all the practical things done. She smashes rocks to make tools, creates clothing out of hides and skins, chases off big meat-eaters and assembles clever traps for catching supper using sticks, stones and bits of shells.

Despite having a bigger brain, the Cave Woman is very fond of her dim-witted mate. Recently, she’s been thinking about doing some inventing herself, perhaps starting with a written language and a stone-based calendar system. Maybe then she’ll finally be able to get the Caveman to remember his own name…not to mention her birthday!


  • If created via the Character Customizer, the bone is missing from the hair, even if you choose Complete Outfit.


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