Biome(s) Autumn, Jungle, Spring, Summer, Winter
Cost 1,250
Unlocks with
Attitude Skittish
Special Ability Spawns with Club

Caveman is a playable character in Lego Worlds, and is presumably based on the minifig design from


From Brickipedia

The Caveman's face has a large unibrow and a prominent grin. The torso design shows a striped animal skin pelt with a bone over a partially exposed chest. His legs are similarly printed with the striped pattern. He comes with a Black hair/beard piece and a Brown club, similar to but smaller than the Castle troll club.

The Caveman, like his female counterpart, the Cavewoman, is a common Character, appearing in many Biomes, frequently found high up in trees. Although the Caveman is skittish and runs from the player, he will attack Skeletons and other aggressive mobs on sight. Unlike the Cavewoman, the Caveman will not defend himself from the player, but will run away if attacked.

The Caveman has no unusual idle animations for the player, and will stand upright. As an NPC, the Caveman will stand hunched over, like the Cavewoman.



“Me build, therefore me am!”

This would-be inventor from the prehistoric past is always tinkering with sticks, rocks and the occasional bricks he finds lying around, trying to invent something new. Of course, everything he comes up with has already been invented – he’s a Caveman with a tiny little brain, after all – but that doesn’t stop him from trying. He never gets jokes and usually needs things explained to him with gestures and pictures…and even then, he gets it wrong most of the time.

The Caveman is very strong and always hungry. If something looks like it might be food, he’ll try to take a bite, and if it runs away, he’ll lift his club up above his head and chase it down. Not a lot of people know it, but he’s also an excellent artist who can create incredible landscapes and murals using only the simplest of tools!


  • The Caveman's club can be unlocked via large Item Chests, but is not automatically unlocked by collecting or purchasing the Caveman.


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