Cave systems are common in and underneath most of the Biomes in LEGO Worlds. They are not a true Biome unto themselves, but are tied to the generation of other Biomes.

Appearance Edit

Cave systems are typically large to small tunnels and caverns running through and under the landscape. Due to their structure, areas near the surface are likely to share some traits, such as certain props spawning in the cave, or the cave surfaces taking on the predominant colour scheme of the surface biome. Deeper down, the caves tend to turn black, sometimes with crystals embedded throughout the walls and ceiling, similar to the Crystal Landscape . Lava rivers and pools are not uncommon, frequently blocking passages downward. Stud Chests are common throughout the caves, and even Treasure Chests can occasionally be found there.

Models Edit

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Creatures: Edit

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Props: Edit

Price in Studs
Large Stalagmite 1
Icon-Large Stalagmite1
Gold Stud 32px250
Glowing mushroom
Icon-Glowing Mushroom
Gold Stud 32px550
Small Stalagmite
Icon-Small Stalagmite
Gold Stud 32px250
Large Stalactite
Icon-Large Stalactite
Gold Stud 32px250
Large Stalagmite 2
Icon-Large Stalagmite2
Gold Stud 32px250
Stalagmite Cluster
Icon-Stalagmite Cluster
Gold Stud 32px450

Brick Builds: Edit

There do not appear to be any structures in cave systems at this time.

Useful Galactic Coordinates: Edit

Dig down far enough!

Notes Edit

  • Caves do not appear underneath tutorial worlds or the Super Flat biome.

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