Type Miscellaneous Item

The Camera is a held item in LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly in Item Chests throughout the world.


The Camera is a small black object with a clear lens on the front. Selecting the "Camera" option on the right-side of the screen will allow you to "zoom in" (slightly), which can be useful for screenshots or scouting ahead. While equipped, the "F" key can be used to take screenshots. This screenshot feature is separate from the Steam screenshot feature (Lego Worlds screenshots are stored in C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGOWorlds\SavedGames\Slot1\SCREENSHOTS, while Steam ones are stored in <STEAMFOLDER>\userdata\<USERID>\760\remote\332310\screenshots).


This item is known in LEGO sets as Camera Handheld Style - Type 1 and is found in a wide variety of themes and sets.


  • It only increases the size of the image, it does not improve the rendering of distant objects.
  • Cannot zoom as much as Binoculars or Telescope.
  • It also adds camera-like marks around the edges, and in the center of the viewing area, simulating the appearance of looking through a camera. This can be removed by pressing the "-" (minus) button (keyboard or keypad).
  • Zoom in/ out using the mouse-wheel.



The icon.

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