Burnard is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that only naturally appears in Wicked Wasteland.


Burnard is a large, blocky, bipedal creature, mostly red with some black accents. He has a large mouth with 2 large upper teeth and three smaller lower teeth, as well as large googly eyes. He attacks by shooting fireballs from his mouth. The player can ride Burnard by jumping on his back and holding on to his eyebrow.


Burnard is a creature from the LEGO Mixels series, and the Cartoon Network TV show of the same name.


Laugh at life with fire-belching Burnard!

Burnard is a nut! This giggling fool from the magma wastelands laughs at everything. Fear is met with a nervous cackle, while sadness causes a tear-filled chortling howl. And when this zany Infernite laughs really hard, he belches fire. Probably the only thing that will stop Burnard chuckling is a funny joke – he just won’t get it!


  • Unlocks with Dynamite
  • Currently the only Mixels creature thus far in the game.