Type Aerial Vehicle
Biome(s) Weird Woods and Mushroom Forest
Cost 2,500

The Broomstick is a flying vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Mushroom Forest.


Like any good flying piece of wood, this Broomstick is all one colour: brown. It makes no noise when in use, and takes a long time to build up any horizontal speed (though it has very swift vertical movement). Riders who mount a Broomstick sit side-saddle (male and female both), rather than astride the stick.


This is a very common item found in many sets, including the Harry Potter-themed Quidditch Match.


  • Try the seed 1895 - 9248 - 1807 (Update 1) if you are having trouble locating one. The Broomstick appears right in front of you when you land, however, you need to grab it quickly, or it may "fall through the earth" due to the way Cave Systems work.


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