A Pagoda in the Ornamental Gardens

Brick Builds are pre-defined structures that can be instantly built for no cost.  A Brick Build is defined as a complex structure that has a blueprint enabling it to be built again and again.  Any structure in the world that is not a prop or just terrain is a Brick Build.

Randomly Generated Structures Edit

Throughout the world, in every Biome, there are structures that have been designed by the designers to enhance the atmosphere of the game. These structures are generically referred to as "Brick Builds." Through the procedural random world generation system, these structures are added to each world, resulting in a more complex and interesting environment.

Many of the randomly generated structures in the world are also found on the Brick Builds submenu of the Models menu. As of Update 2, there are 70 pre-defined Brick Builds on the Brick Build submenu.  All Brick Builds in the Build menu are available right away and they do not need to be purchased.

Some of the randomly generated builds will have Treasure Chests or Item Chests included as part of the design when they are randomly generated. The chests will always appear in the same place on or within the structure every time, unless the generation of another object interferes with its placement (such as when a tree "grows" into a building).

Designer Contests Edit

Periodically, the game developers have run design competitions allowing players to create custom builds to be permanently included in the game, under the Brick Builds menu. These contests may follow some sort of theme, such as "Natural Formations." Thus far, two competitions have been held.

Creating Custom Brick Builds Edit

Players can create new Brick Builds one of two ways:  Either by saving a Build using the Tools, or by using LEGO Digital Designer and exporting the design, then importing it into LEGO Worlds.

List of Brick Builds in the Game Edit

With the advent of Update 1, and the new Biomes, Canyon and Scrap Plains, this list will be far from comprehensive. Currently the following Brick Builds are known:

Name Build Menu? Random? (Biome?) Item Chests Treasure Chests
Autumn Tree Yes Yes / Autumn Forest
BarnHouse Yes Yes / Plains Yes Yes
Brickhenge Yes Yes / Forest Yes
Candy Cane 1 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Candy Cane 2 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Candy Cane 3 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Canyon Boulder Stacks Yes Yes (on some)
Canyon Homes Yes / Canyon
Castle 1 Yes
Castle 2 Yes
Castle 3 Yes
Castle Kit (T Junction) Yes
Castle Kit (Tower Straight) Yes
Castle Kit (Straight) Yes
Castle Kit (Stairs) Yes
Castle Kit (Open Gate) Yes
Castle Kit (Closed Gate) Yes
Castle Kit (Wall End) Yes
Castle Kit (Wall Corner) Yes
Cherry Blossom Tree Yes Yes / Ornamental Gardens
Conifer Tree (Procedural) Yes Yes / Pine Forest & Woodland
Cottage 1 Yes Yes / Plains
Cottage 2 Yes Yes / Plains
Crypt Yes / Spooky Woods Yes
Cupcake 1 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Cupcake 2 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Cupcake 3 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Cupcake 4 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Cupcake 5 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Cupcake 6 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Dead Tree Yes Yes / Forest
Geode Yes / Pine Forest Yes Yes
George Yes
Giant Minifig Yes
Giant Rusty Pipe Yes / Scrap Plains
Gingerbread House Yes Yes / Dessert Desert Yes Yes
Green Jelly Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Hollow Tree Yes / Spooky Woods Yes
Igloo Yes / Icy Tundra Yes
Intergalactic Headquarters Yes
Large Cloud Yes Yes / Sky
Large Stump Yes / Autumn Forest Yes
Large Volcanic Spike Yes Yes / Volcanic Wasteland
Lava Pillar Yes / Volcanic Wasteland Yes
Lighthouse Yes
Lollipop 1 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Lollipop 2 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Lollipop 3 Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Mangrove Tree 1 Yes Yes / Swamp
Mangrove Tree 2 Yes Yes / Swamp
Mushroom Hut Yes
Mushroom Platform Yes / Mushroom Forest Yes
Old Cafe Yes
Pagoda Yes / Ornamental Gardens Yes Yes
Pink Jelly Yes Yes / Dessert Desert
Pirate Inn Yes
Pyramid (Hollow) Yes
Pyramid (Solid) Yes / Sand Dunes
Pyramid (Treasure) Yes / Sand Dunes Yes Yes
Rainforest Tree Yes Yes / Rainforest
Rock Arch Yes Yes / Desert Mesa
Rock Mesa Yes Yes / Desert Mesa
Ruins Yes / Forest Yes
Samurai Castle Yes
Savanna Tree Yes Yes / Savanna
Savanna Tree with Treasure Chest Yes / Savanna Yes
Scrap Car (stacked and individual) Yes / Scrap Plains
Shipping Containers Yes / Scrap Plains Yes
Small Cloud Yes Yes / Sky
Small Volcanic Spike Yes Yes / Volcanic Wasteland
Snowy Tree Yes Yes / Winter Landscape
Sphinx Yes / Sand Dunes
Spooky Tree 1 Yes Yes / Spooky Woods
Spooky Tree 2 Yes Yes / Spooky Woods
Spooky Tree 3 Yes Yes / Spooky Woods
Spooky Tree (Procedural) Yes Yes / Spooky Woods
Stilt House Yes / Swamp Yes
Stone Column 1 Yes / Forest
Stone Column 2 Yes / Forest Yes
Tiny Tim Yes
Tiny Tim Hat Yes
Torii Gate Yes
Tower Corner Yes
Tower Ruin Yes Yes / Woodland Yes
Tower (Straight through) Yes
Tree 1 Yes Yes / Forest
Tree 2 Yes Yes / Forest
Tree 3 Yes Yes / Forest
Tree House Yes / Forest Yes
Tt Logo Yes
Wall Yes
Wild West Building Yes

Gallery Edit

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