There are many Bows in LEGO Worlds, and many of them are very similar.

  • Bow (this page): A standard brown bow.
  • Compound Bow: A grey bow with angled arms instead of curved.
  • Crystal Bow: A crystal version of the standard Bow.
  • Explosive Bow: An explosive version of the Compound Bow.
  • Zane's Bow: A grey version of the standard Bow.
  • Crossbow: A crossbow is a different style of bow entirely.
  • Aaron's Bow and Shield: A tech-based crossbow that comes with a hover shield.

The Bow is a ranged weapon in LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly in Treasure Chests throughout the world.


The Bow consists of a brown bow with a string. It is held in the right hand and when fired, an arrow appears in the left hand, is nocked and released.

While holding the bow, the character will occasionally pretend to play it like a violin.

It fires a single projectile in an arc. The weapon does 4 damage to most Characters and Creatures, except those that are invulnerable to normal weapons.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Bow with Arrow and can typically be found in most Western themed sets, as well as Endor-based Star Wars themed sets and even Lord of the Rings playsets, such as Attack on Lake-town.


  • This item is used to unlock the Forestman.
  • Renamed in Update 2 from Bow to Bow & Arrow. Renamed after Early Access back to just Bow.



The old icon.

Icon Bow

The new icon.