• Snicker

    So a bunch of people have been trying to trade seeds and finding mixed results.  I raised the issue on the forums ( ) and this was the response:

    TT_David  [developer] 16 minutes ago  

    QA elves have spoken.

    The dashes, and the spaces between them, matter :)

    For example,

    4827 - 6276 - 1822aa

    is different to


    which is also different to


    I hope this helps! :)

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  • ConniLPz


    June 4, 2015 by ConniLPz

    For easier creation of Model-specific Pages, i've created a universal template.

    --> Creator Lawnmower

    To use it, simply click on Insert --> Templates and search for Infobox.

    1. Name
    2. Image (Image name; Image with; Image caption)
    3. Type
    4. Biome
    5. Cost

    Those arrays have to be filled in at all times! (Image caption and with can be left blank)

    1. sa = Special Abilities
    2. unlock = unlocked by (like the Lawnmower which does not spawn)
    3. hostility = Attitude towards player

    If you're having trouble with creating templates, feel free to contact me!

    Ps. The Design is subject to change but once the new design is finished, Wikia will update all pages automatically.

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