The Octopus is a rideable creature that spawns in water in the underwater biomes, Colossal Corals and Submerged Secrets, as well as in the water next to the Wicked Wasteland.

Description Edit

There are three varieties of Octopus, Red, Black and Glowing, and they all have the same body type: a bulbous body with two studs on top for riding and two different coloured circular studs for eyes, and eight tentacles splayed out from the main body.

When being ridden, the Octopus pushes the Character through the water with its head. When idle, the character simply sits on the two studs on its head.

Background Edit

The LEGO Octopus piece debuted in 1995, in black. After that, the LEGO Agents theme released the light blue, transparent, glow in the dark version, and a year later the dark red version premiered. No other colours have been released.

The real-life model is a solid mold with no flexible pieces.

Notes Edit

  • The two natural Octopus spawns, Black and Red, request Sand Green Fish to be unlocked, however, you may have difficulty getting them to settle onto a surface so that you can engage them. They will not offer quests while swimming, although you can still mount them to ride.
  • The Black Octopus spawns in the water near the Wicked Wasteland biome. Both Octopuses (yes, that's the correct plural) appear in the two underwater Biomes, Submerged Secrets and Colossal Corals.
  • The Glowing Octopus is part of the Agents DLC and will be discovered and unlocked automatically upon landing on the first random world after completing the Tutorial worlds.