Black Horse
Type Surface Creature
Biome(s) Special
Cost 2,000
Unlocked with

The Black Horse is a Creature in LEGO Worlds that is initially found as a special ability of the Outlaw (Male). Once it has been summoned by the player playing as the Outlaw, it can be unlocked and summoned at will.


From Brickipedia:

The currently ubiquitous LEGO System horse figure design was introduced in 1984 in several Castle sets, superseding previous designs of brick-built horses.

The new horse was a prefabricated figure consisting of a solid main segment representing the horse's body and legs and movable segment encompassing the head and neck. The body features a recess in its back, measuring 1x2 studs in base area and 4 plates in height, which is usually occupied by a saddle piece and allows standard minifigures to mount or dismount the horse without the need to bend the figure's leg assembly. The recess could be filled with a 1x2 brick plus plate if a saddleless horse without rider was preferred. Many sets with horses include a saddle and/or filler pieces. The recess also allows for the attachment of a horse-drawn carriage using various hinge pieces.

The first horses came only in black and white and were initially an exclusive feature of the Castle theme.

The Black Horse Edit

This was one of the first horse figures, introduced in 1984. It sported a brown bridle with white details and has solid black eyes with thick white outlines. In 2012, the solid-piece model was abandoned in favour of a new "rearing" model - with moveable back legs that would allow the horse to rear up onto its hind legs. A year later, the face was updated with realistic crescent-shaped eyes. This horse also features a yellow saddle.


This creature appears to be the Horse, Moveable Legs with Dark Brown Bridle Pattern, but with the addition of a yellow saddle. This piece can be found in many LEGO sets, including Stagecoach Escape.



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