Each World of LEGO® Worlds consists of different Biomes. Those are generated randomly and seem to have little to no limitations of where they can spawn.  Each biome is distinguished not only by visible appearance, but also for the specific creatures, characters, vehicles and props that can spawn there. Biomes tend to visually blend smoothly together, which can result in the appearance of props and creatures from one biome in another biome's region. Due to the current implementation of Cave Systems, it is common for creatures and props that should only be underground to appear on the surface.

The Biomes

Name Appearance Creatures Characters Vehicles
Autumn Forest
Gently rolling hills with deciduous trees turning orange and brown. Brown Horse



Not a true biome, just a border between any other biome and the Ocean.
Tall, bare trees and high rock formations with small houses and wooden platforms. Bear, Brown Horse CowboyCowgirl

Outlaw (Male)

City Car
Cave Systems
Cave systems that may appear under any Biome. Not a specific Biome of its own, but a part of whatever Biome they are a part of. May cause different biomes to layer under one another. Burnard Dino Tracker, Minotaur
Crystal Landscape
2015-06-03 00010
Black ground with bright speckles, large crystal outcroppings, strange atmospheric noises. Eagle Intergalactic Girl Buggy, Cole's Earth Driller
Desert Mesa
Brown lands with large outcroppings and arches of reddish brown stone, and lots of cacti and animal bones. Black and White Bull, Black and White Cow, Brown Horse CowboyCowgirl, Outlaw (Male)
Dessert Desert
Brightly coloured, with giant candy canes and lollipops instead of trees, and other giant sweets as terrain formations and props. Bear, Pig

Robber (Male),

Robber (Female)

Surfer Girl

Gently rolling green hills with large leafy green trees. Not to be confused with Jungles which have darker trees, and are much flatter. May also have large grey columns and Stonehenge formations. Brown Horse Caveman, Cavewoman
Himmapan Forest The Legendary Forest of Thailand.
Icy Tundra
Flat snow-covered lands with Igloos, weather vanes and snowmen. May have sheets of ice. Polar Bear, Husky Yeti, Research Institute Astronomer Helicopter, Small Plane
Mushroom Forest
Gently rolling hills with large mushrooms instead of trees, giant clovers and gigantic pock-marked boulders. Pig, Sheep Fisherman, Research Institute Chemist Broomstick, Wheelbarrow
A large open body of water. Separated from other biomes by Beaches. Water is not yet 100% functional. Dinghy, Small Submarine, Police Boat, Air Boat
Ornamental Gardens
Gently rolling green hills with Cherry Trees, bamboos and giant Pagodas. Brown Horse Caveman, Cavewoman Motorcycle
Extremely steep and mountainous region with deep green valleys and snowcapped peaks that almost reach the clouds. Dragon, Eagle, Goat Climber (Male) Helicopter
Pine Forest
Conifer forest
Hills with very tall pointed Conifer Trees. Differs from Woodland in that there are no stumps or fallen logs, and a lot more trees, and the conifers here are much taller and narrower. Brown Horse Scientist (Female), Dragon Wizard
Wide open plains with few trees, many farm animals, hay bales, water troughs, windmills and large Barns, and Farmhouses. Brown Bull, Brown Cow, Brown Horse, Goat, Pig, Sheep Constable,

Police Officer (Male),

Police Officer (Female),

Farmer (Male)

Flat regions with lots of large, dark green trees and lots of flowering plants and vegetation. Bear, Brown Horse, Elephant, Monkey Caveman, Cavewoman, Dino Tracker, Diver (Male), Pirate (Male), Pirate (Female) Small Digger
Sand Dunes
Bright yellow sand with palm trees, Pyramids, and Sphinx monuments. Camel Mummy, Paleontologist, Skeleton, Warrior WomanSurfer Girl Hot Rod
Flat regions with large green and yellow-leafed trees and large animal bones. Elephant, Ostrich Explorer, Paleontologist Buggy, Major Steel's Hot Rod, Motorcycle, Small Plane
Scrap Plains
Scrap Plains
Piles of wrecked cars and stacked tires litter the landscape. Monkey Caveman, Cavewoman Articulated Digger, Articulated Truck, Wheelbarrow
Not much going on up here, but these clouds are solid enough to walk (and build!) on.
Spooky Woods
2015-06-03 00016
Dark green hills with large twisted trees and spooky decorations like coffins and severed heads. Rocker Girl, Vampire (Male), Werewolf (Male) Bicycle
Flat regions with brown, muddy ground that makes a distinct squishing noise. Marked by mangrove trees and the occasional Stilt House

Brown Horse, Crocodile,


Scientist (Female), Zombie (Male)
Volcanic Wasteland
Volcanic region
Flat-to-mountainous region with grey rocky ground, sharp black outcroppings, small volcanoes and rivers of deadly lava. Dragon Dragon Wizard Cole's Earth Driller
Winter Forest
Winter Forest
Flat lands to mountainous terrain with snow-covered conifers and snowmen. May have sheets of ice. Polar Bear Yeti
Winter Landscape
Winter Landscape
Gently rolling green hills with large leafy trees covered in snow, and the occasional snowman. Brown Horse Caveman, Cavewoman
Flat green land with scattered conifers and lots of stumps and fallen logs. Not to be confused with Pine Forest which has very tall, narrow conifers and smaller, prop trees. Black and White Bull, Black and White Cow, Brown Horse, Sheep Scientist (Female), King, Motorcycle Mechanic, Warlock Skateboard, Small Plane, Steamroller

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