The Big Shark is a rideable creature that naturally spawns only in the water in the underwater Biomes, Colossal Corals and Submerged Secrets, as well as the water next to the Junkyard Jungle and Rowdy Rainforest Biomes.

Description Edit

The Big Shark is a two piece, all grey, sea creature with long, fat body and a prominent dorsal fin. It has black eyes with white pupils, and the upper head piece is separate from the rest of the body, revealing many, sharp white teeth. It slowly weaves its way through the water.

When being ridden underwater, the Character will hang on with both hands to the leading edge of its dorsal fin. While being ridden and idle, the Character will hold on with just one hand. On the surface, the character will simply ride on its back while holding the dorsal fin and standing on the Shark's back, almost as though surfing on a sailboard. When surfacing, the Shark acts like it is chomping.

On land, the Shark will flop around after whatever its trying to attack.

Background Edit

This shark is based on the one released in the Speedboat Rescue mission for the LEGO Agents theme.

Notes Edit

  • As this creature is frequently found attacking both the Fisherman and Surfer Girl, it can often be seen on land, and in other Biomes, however, it cannot be discovered in this state.
  • Unlocking the Big Shark requires defeating it then feeding it a Sand Green Fish. This may prove a challenge in the water, so it may be easier to ride it onto land, then fight it. Sharks do not die from being out of the water.
  • There are other Sharks in the code of LEGO Worlds (Small Shark, White Shark and Sawfish), but they have not yet been released.