The Battle Sword is a melee weapon in LEGO Worlds that can be found only via completing certain Quests.


The Battle Sword is a large, golden sword with a flat, rounded blade. Golden yellow star-shaped sparkles surround the sword, indicating its magical properties.

While holding this weapon, the character will repeatedly admire it, holding it aloft and swinging it around. Combat with this weapon is a series of wide swings and chops. Double-jump attacks will cause the weapon to be buried in the ground momentarily while the Character pulls it free.

The weapon does 8 damage to most Characters and Creatures, except those that are invulnerable to normal weapons. It does 5 damage to those vulnerable to Gold Weapon


This item is known in LEGO sets as Greatsword as an accessory to minifigs such as the King in the Castle playset King's Castle.


  • A very rare item, and one of the most powerful melee weapons.
  • The King will often request this item, so be careful when encountering him, so as not to give him the sword unintentionally.
  • Can be received as a Quest Reward from the Heroic Knight (only in Curious Canyon biomes) or the Viking Woman (only in Medieval Towns). They each have specific (and complex) requirements to be able to trade you the sword.
  • NEVER found in random Treasure Chests, and may not be offered by the Trader (unconfirmed).
  • Frequently, the idle animation for this weapon reverts to the generic "stand and look around" idle animation.


Icon-Battle Sword

The old icon.

Icon Sword Battle

The new icon.