The Articulated Truck is a four-wheeled ground vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the Scrap Plains Biome.


This large yellow dump truck has a yellow bed, a transparent windscreen, and four large bulbous tires. The number 60076 in white writing on a black background appears on the rear wheel fenders. It has functional head and tail lights that turn on at night, and a flashing orange emergency light bar on the roof. The bed of the truck can be activated (press "F" on PC) to 'dump', and it has heavy engine noises when running. When backing up, it makes a beeping sound, and the horn noise is a heavy truck blast.


The ability to dump the truck bed doesn't seem to be much more than a cosmetic one.


The Articulated Truck is based on the Dump Truck in the LEGO set (Demolition Site)).