The Apple is an Item in LEGO Worlds that can be found randomly when an Apple Tree is destroyed. The type of Apple Tree determines the type of Apple found.


The Apple is a small single-coloured apple with a leaf. There are five different apples currently in LEGO Worlds: Green, Dark Green, Red, Yellow and Golden. It is held in the right hand, and can be thrown, at which point all but the Golden Apple* will grow a new Apple Tree, which can then be broken, possibly yielding a new Apple.


This item is known in LEGO sets as Apple and is found in many sets in a wide variety of themes.


  • When pulling apples from the tree in LEGO Creator: Changing Seasons, the Character pulls down studs instead of this item.
  • This item is used to unlock many Creatures, including the Horse, Brown Pony, Giraffe and many others.
  • The Golden Apple is specifically used to befriend the Baby Golden Dragon, to unlock it.
  • The Golden Apple will NOT grow into a new Apple Tree, and there are no known Golden Apple Trees that can be picked.
  • At one time, a Golden Apple Tree grew in the Giant Beanstalk Castle, and that tree could be broken for a Golden Apple, but since Title Release 3A, that tree has gone missing.
  • The Golden Apple costs Blue Stud 32px5,000 from the Trader, and can be sold back for Blue Stud 32px2,500. The other Apples are Blue Stud 32px1,750 and Gold Stud 32px500 respectively.