The Air Boat is a single-seater aquatic vehicle in LEGO Worlds, found in the waters near the Lawless Lagoon.


This flat-bottomed boat has a red hull, a single, elevated brown seat with stick controls on either side, and a rear-mounted grey fan-cage with a black fan blade that spins while the engine is running. It has a small, functional spotlight on the front that turns on at night.

It has an engine sound similar to a heavy lawnmower when idling, and a typical air-boat sound when in motion. The horn is a deep honk noise.


The Air Boat is just a simple powered boat, floating on the surface of water. It will stop when it hits land or a Character or Creature, but can destroy small Objects in the water.


The Air boat is based on the Air Boat in the LEGO set (Swamp Police Station)).


  • Minor changes were made after Early Access, the crowbar and sack of loot were removed.